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Three factors are indispensable for electric valve to become mainstream

In terms of operation efficiency and energy saving, the application of automatic control valve is an indispensable part. The manual valve and pneumatic valve commonly used in the traditional industry are inferior to the electric valve in terms of installation cost and efficiency.


Maintenance method of electric control valve

The maintenance of electric control valve includes emergency maintenance, regular maintenance and predictive maintenance. Emergency maintenance refers to the maintenance when the electric control valve fails to meet the process operation requirements. Regular maintenance usually includes routine maintenance and maintenance carried out at the same time as process shutdown and overhaul. Predictive maintenance refers to the targeted maintenance of relevant electric control valve components based on the analysis results of predictive maintenance. Emergency maintenance refers to the maintenance after the failure of the electric control valve, while regular maintenance and predictive maintenance refer to the maintenance before the failure of the electric control valve.


Selection of control valve in power station

Selection of control valve in power station In the thermal power industry, the operating conditions of control valves are relatively special. From a simple point of view, the power process is only a water and steam cycle process, but the selection of control valves in this process is both simple and complex. The simple thing is that the process medium is simple, and there are only two kinds of water and steam. The complex thing is that the temperature and pressure of water and steam fluctuate widely, causing a series of problems, such as flash, cavitation, erosion, noise and corrosion. However, the safety and reliability of the control valve should be considered first.


Structural classification of check valve

The check valve is a multi-function (slow closing) check valve with power unit and air travel coupler, and has electric/manual opening, closing and short-time throttling functions; The valve seat is inclined, all-metal sealing pair, butterfly plate double offset, overflow element with fluid guide and oil pressure slow closing device, which can be divided into two stages of fast/slow closing. It is a new multi-function waterproof hammer energy-saving product.

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