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Company Profile

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      Founded in 2007, Shaoxing Eco Electric Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of heating components; it is a comprehensive operating enterprise integrating design, production, sales and after-sales service.
The company is committed to producing various types and specifications of gas/air proportional control systems, gas proportional valves, stabilizing valves, hot water circulating canned motor pumps, hot exhaust gas circulating fans, etc. It has professional design capabilities and a complete product line, and Declared multiple patents. The company has established a production plant of 30,000 square meters and basically has a production capacity of 4 million air valves and 3 million water pumps. Its serialized products have passed CE and CAS certification and have been widely recognized in the industry.
Most of the company's customer groups are leading companies in the global HVAC industry and leading companies in the domestic HVAC industry. Its products are widely used in household wall-hung boilers, condensing boilers, heaters, volumetric water heaters, fireplaces, tumble dryers and other heating equipment.
After years of development, the company has initially established the leading position in the domestic HVAC components industry. In the next ten years, Eco will continue to focus on "bigger and stronger", adhere to "focus on innovation, be realistic and surpass", and increase the high-tech industry of HVAC R&D and investment in technical products, strengthen international strategic cooperation, strengthen brand building, and strive to build a global professional HVAC component manufacturing base, and ultimately become a provider of HVAC technology solutions for customers in the industry and contribute to the creation of green quality life for humans By.
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