The website of Shaoxing Aike Electric Co., Ltd. was established

2020-07-20 17:01

Shaoxing Aike Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of heating components in the world; It is a comprehensive operating enterprise integrating design, production, sales and service.

The main products of the company are various types and specifications of gas/air proportional control system, gas proportional valve, pressure stabilizing valve, hot water circulating shield pump, hot exhaust gas circulating fan, gas full premix control system, etc. With professional design capability and complete product line, the company has invested 50 million yuan, built 30000 square meters of new production plant, basically has the production capacity of producing 1 million air valves and 1.2 million water pumps, and its series products have passed CE certification.

Most of the company's customer groups are leading enterprises in the global HVAC industry and leading enterprises in the domestic HVAC industry. Its products are widely used in household wall-mounted boilers, condensing boilers, heaters, volumetric water heaters, fireplaces, drum dryers and other equipment.

After years of development, the company has initially achieved the leading position in the domestic HVAC component industry; The next step will continue to focus on "becoming bigger and stronger", strengthen international strategic cooperation, increase R&D and investment in high-tech products in HVAC industry, and strengthen brand building. Establish the leading position of independent intellectual property rights in the global industry, and strive to build a world-class manufacturing base for HVAC components.

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